Like New Handsets

Enjoy massive savings on iPhone

Like new

Enjoy massive savings on iPhone

What is JT Like New?

A device in excellent condition with minor signs of use from normal wear and tear. All devices are checked to make sure they have a battery with adequate health percentage. 6 month warranty with JT.

Our five point check

All our Like New handsets have passed our five-point quality check. We test the:

  1. Battery and ensure it charges
  2. Buttons, security features and cameras
  3. Sound and microphone for clear audio
  4. Screen – typing, rotation and pinch to zoom
  5. Wi-Fi and other connectivity features
Finally, we securely wipe all device data so you can start using your Like New handset straight away.

What's included?

You'll get a USB cable and your device. As 70% of people already have a USB 3-pin charger plug at home, we’ve decided not to include one with our Like New handsets. If you need more accessories, you can add them to your basket after choosing your handset online.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Like New handsets are not just affordable, but also more sustainable. By purchasing a Like New handset from JT, you're helping to reduce e-waste, meaning you can feel better about the impact your new handset has on the environment, while saving some cash.