BT 4600 Big Button Twin

From state-of-the-art nuisance call blocking tech to a large 200-number phone book, BT’s 4600 is the complete package for a busy home.

Online Price:   £59.00


Product Description

Flexible TrueCall Blocking Technology
You’ll never be disturbed by frustrating spam calls again with BT’s multi-award winning TrueCall call blocking technology. Use the Premium Call Blocker for one-touch blocking and benefit from the tech’s screening of incoming calls. Numbers on your contact list are put straight through, but ones that you’ve blocked will be rejected. For all other calls, the virtual assistant asks the caller for their name and then asks you if you want to accept. With a few quick clicks on the display, you can block withheld numbers, anonymous calls, international numbers and even calls from payphones. If there’s a particular company bothering you, you can block up to 1000 specific numbers too. Furthermore, if you’re pining for peace and quiet, flick on the Do Not Disturb mode so only numbers marked as ‘VIPs’ will be put through.

Never Miss A Call
Keep tabs on your important calls with the built-in answering machine. You can have up to 60 minutes of recorded messages, leaving loads of space for your friends and family to keep in touch when you’re out.

Personalise Your Phone
Store up to 200 names on the phone book and automatically share them between the 4600s around your home. You can make the handset yours with the choice of 15 ringtones too. This way, your telephone will have that personal touch.

Use It Anywhere
The 4600’s long-range reception frees you to chat anywhere in your home. Talk outdoors with a 300m range or indoors with a 50m range, then enjoy the huge 13-hour talking battery life.

Easy-To-Use Big Buttons
This handset is dotted with big, bold buttons so they’re easy to see and use. This way, you’ll navigate the menus and answer calls with seamless simplicity.

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